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The Interconnectedness of Creation – Christine Valters Paintner 

July 28, 2016

“In Buddhism we find the principle of interdependence can also offer an ecological vision that integrates all aspects of creation in recognizing our mutuality and interdependence. Buddhist teachings state that all things are interconnected. There is nothing in existence that is separate, fixed, or isolated. Things only exist in relationship and connection with other things.”
— Christine Valters Paintner, PhD Lectio Divina – The Sacred Art: Transforming Words & Images into Heart-Centered Prayer 
How do you acknowledge the interconnectedness of all Creation?

  1. I acknowledge it in those tiny still moments when I recognize it. They are few and far between, and easier to see on a mountain trail or across a farm field, or in the thinking lights of Christmas, and always in the warmth of new born baby.

    • Indeed! More of these moments experienced for me in the mountains or along lakes, rivers, and ocean/gulf for me.

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