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The Dangers of a “Christian America”

July 4, 2016

Well said, Ronnie, well said!

Ronnie McBrayer

us-flag-crossIt’s that time of year once again. Hang the red, white, and blue streamers. Fire up the barbecue grill. Take to the roads, the beaches, the boats, and the fairgrounds. Light the fuse and send those fireworks to the moon and prep for your best Kate Smith impersonation as she belts out “God Bless America!” And it’s the time of year I typically generate as much heat with this column as a pyrotechnic display.

Almost every year for the last decade or so, I have used this space on Independence Day weekend to temper the church’s love affair with American nationalism. Even as you read this, a “God and Country” rally is being planned inside a church near you, with the stars and stripes draping the building and booming patriotic songs being piped through the PA.

This isn’t all bad, mind you, but it does remind me of Tony Campolo’s…

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