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The Oak’s Hymn

July 2, 2016

Beautiful, Cheryl Anne ❤️❤️

The Fellowship of The King


I stand in strength
and verdant wonder
for I am planted
sure and deep

My prayers like roots
seek out their Mother
nourished in earth
my heart they keep

I stand in sun
and rain soaked mornings
and when the storm
puts me to test

Still do I shelter
those who need me
who seek my shade
to give them rest

I stand in awe
of sky above me
and humbly bow
to paths below

I greet the winds
with arms wide open
and whisper welcome
to the snow

I stand in dark
and silent moments
Nothing to see
Nothing to hear

For in the love
of my Creator
I am secure
there is no fear

I stand in hope
through all life’s seasons
and as years cycle
round and round

Always to Christ
my branches reaching
In Wisdom’s clay
my roots are bound.

Brigid Clare Oak 

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