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The Joke’s On Us

June 27, 2016

Awesome blog from Ronnie!!

Ronnie McBrayer

jokeThe parables of Jesus have been referred to as “holy jokes.” When he tells a story, there is a punchline that his listeners don’t anticipate. Those who are “in the know” wink and grin, while the butt of his jokes – most often the religious establishment – blush with anger and embarrassment.

The most obvious example of this is Luke 15. The preachers and politicians (often found together) were horrified that Jesus spent so much time with the “sinners” and socially unacceptable of his day. In response, Jesus told a series of tales about lost things: A lost sheep, a lost coin, and a lost son (whom we commonly call the “Prodigal Son”).

In each case, the joke was on the religionists, as Jesus painted the picture of a God who pursues those who have wandered away, not waiting for the “lost” to change or make the first move. God…

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