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Monday Spiritual Rumination: let it be as it May…

May 2, 2016

Beautiful, Nancie ❤

The Prayerful Peacock

Let it be as it May,

She who tugs at our hearts and teases us with the promise of longer, warmer days,

Bathes us in baptisms

Chrismates us with Confirmations

Feeds us in Eucharists of plenty

Unites us in weddings

Initiates us in ordinations

Sends us forth in graduations

Confers upon us honors of great varieties

Weeps with us at endings

and ignites in our hearts hope of what might be made new

May seduces our senses

As buds burst forth their aromas,

Scenting us as though we were all gods and goddesses

She is lilacs and lily-of-the valley

Jonquils and daffodils

Tulips and plum blossoms

May clothes us in petals softer than lambs wool

Paler than an early moon

challenging couturiers far and near

May anoints the allergy prone

And enlivens the gardener

She is fresh mown lawns, singing the drone of motorcycles and mowers,

Tempting us with the…

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