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Anam Chara – Christine Valters-Paintner 

April 21, 2016

“Celtic monks would have counseled you to have a soul friend, or anam chara in the Irish language. Everyone, whether lay or clergy, man or woman, was expected to have a spiritual mentor and companion on the soul’s journey. This was a person with whom you could confide all of the inner struggles, someone who would help you find your path, and could midwife you in discernment.”
— Christine Valters Paintner, PhD The Online, Self-Study Retreat ~ Celtic Spirituality: Thresholds, Thin Places and Wandering for the Love of God 

Have you found your “anam chara” yet, the wise person to whom you can reveal all your struggles, your companion whose company you share along this path?

  1. Dianne McManus permalink

    How blessed we are to have you Padre.

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