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On Pastors and Sheepdogs

April 13, 2016

Well said, Steve!

Draughting Theology

Even when a sheep isn’t lost, it still might not quite be following the straight and narrow.  In Sunday’s Gospel lesson, Jesus tells the Temple authorities that when his sheep hear his voice, they follow.  That is no doubt true, but the idea that sheep follow in lockstep, one behind the other, is just plain silly.  Instead, sheep tend to follow the shepherd in an ever flowing mass of eyes, ears, and wool.


Despite 2,000 years of Christian leaders hoping to the contrary, this is image of sheep following a shepherd is the story of Christians following Christ.  Sheep might wander this way to check the sweet clover.  They might stray a bit in that direction, simply following the sheep in front of them.  They can still hear the call of the shepherd, who gives them a lot more latitude to follow than one might expect.  To keep…

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