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Four Legged Neighbors in Paradise!

March 31, 2016

What can I say, Denise and I absolutely LOVE living in Estes Park, Colorado!! Today was a special day (despite the fact that I have been a bit under the weather since yesterday). There is a herd of Rocky Mountain Mule Deer that hang around our neighborhood. We also have a portion of what we locals call the “Town Herd” of Rocky Mountain Elk who hang around here as well. Today was a day when both herds decided to visit over the course of about four hours. Enjoy the pictures!


My favorite of the deer… A Thoughtful Doe…IMG_4596IMG_4597IMG_4598IMG_4599IMG_4600


We were about seven feet away from each other and I was allowed to simply be and to take pictures!IMG_4635IMG_4637IMG_4638IMG_4639IMG_4640IMG_4642IMG_4643

One of the new babies of the herdIMG_4647

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  1. They’re so cute! We have nothing like that here. It must be wonderful sharing your home with animals like these!

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