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Musings on a Sunday Evening

February 28, 2016

In our Estes Park Rocky Mountain home it is easy to see and experience the glory of God in all its splendor. It is easy to be still and know… To live in the midst of the holy.

Yet even in the midst of this holy and beautiful place we call home… We cannot… We must not… Forget!

Today’s scripture lessons from worship remind me… That there is much darkness in the world… Television, Newspapers, & Social Media remind me… There is much hatred, bigotry, fear-mongering, & deceit in the world… 

Supposed presidential wannabes who’s answer is to punch anyone who disagrees with them in the face… Candidates who throw around the Nuke-Em option without using the heart or the brains God gave them… Build walls… Support torture… And they have the gall to say they are christians (lower case is definitely intentional!)…

It is tempting to stay in the mountains and isolate from the insanity… But we must not… We cannot… We dare not… In a world of hatred and insanity… Love and not Hate needs to trump fear (and I am NOT talking about The Donald and his minions)!

Dear reader, we must speak out against the insanity! We must use the minds and the hearts that God gave us! And, in the words of Micah, what does the Lord require?

Will you join with me in speaking out? Will you join with me in doing Justice (God’s Restorative Justice, not their insane, perverse version)? Will you join with me in loving Kindness? Will you join with me in walking Humbly with God against the current insanity?

God help us to stand in the face of something that this nation hasn’t seen since 1930’s Germany when Hitler rose to power!

Lord, in your mercy, hear our heartfelt plea… Give us the courage to speak out against the mind-numbing hate being spewed by so many…

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