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Monday spiritual Rumination: The Great antidote…

January 18, 2016

Powerful thoughts from Nancie!

The Prayerful Peacock

On this MLK day, I offer you a random essay I penned 11 years ago. It is heartening to look back on my words, knowing I have softened and grown, moving away from fear and toward a greater love. As a country, a Church, a world, have we all grown? I shall hope so. I shall believe in the great antidote…

It is five-thirty in the morning.  The radio clicks on and my husband and I awaken to the news of yet another murder in the city. Today the victim is a seven year old girl, caught in the cross fire of two men who are enemies.  A week later, the news at dawn is of a fire chief and his assistant, accused of a hate crime against an African American gentleman who had been spending the afternoon fishing. The fire chief thought he had dealt well with the enemy…

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