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Monday Spiritual Rumination: Bringing in the New Year…

January 4, 2016

Love it, Nancie! Sounds to me like you found your word and your list ❤️

Learned in an Ignatian Spirituality course about holding on loosely… That is when God speaks…

The Prayerful Peacock

Over the past week I have read my share of New Year’s reflections and resolutions, while chomping at the bit to lay out mine.

I pride myself in taking the time to ponder the past year and discern goals for the coming year.

But this year, I am stuck.

I have dragged my feet pretending to have a stoic spiritual knowledge that, the moment would come and with it, the vision of the goal to pursue.

But I am stuck.

Just plain stuck.

I do have a word—Trust.

This word has shimmered up as a direct follow up to last year’s guide word: Listen.

I am good with both of these words and their ensuing directions, their invitations to my living.

But the goal list—just not here yet.

Maybe I need to stop trying so hard to figure it all out.

Perhaps I need to just relax, be…

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