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Ben Fields and Many Adults Need A Refresher Course in Being Adults

October 28, 2015

Well said, John!

john pavlovitz

This is really quite simple.

I’ve heard all sorts of creative justifications for the classroom body slamming of a 16-year old girl by Deputy Ben Fields; criticizing the student for being rude, disrespectful, and uncooperative (as if such things somehow merit what came to her this week.)

And they’re all flat-out wrong.

I’ve been a student pastor for 18 years, and during that time I’ve encountered literally thousands of teenagers; many of them rude, disrespectful and uncooperative, some belligerent, combative, or even violent.

And in those nearly two decades, do you know how many I’ve flipped through the air an onto the floor? Zero.

That’s because I’m a grownup and grownups know that adults don’t respond to disrespectful teenagers (especially those who are not their children) with physical violence—period. That Fields has a gun and a badge or represents authority is irrelevant. Actually come to think of it, if anything it makes him more culpable…

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