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The Church Needs To Be Rebuilt Backwards

October 26, 2015

Wisdom we need to listen to as a church…

john pavlovitz


The modern Church is badly broken.

It’s not broken simply because it is filled with flawed, failing human beings. That is certainly true but this has always been the case, and yet the Church has not always been as dysfunctional and neutered of influence and culturally ineffective as it is now.

One of the reasons the modern Christian Church is becoming obsolete and irrelevant to so many people (and why they are opting out in exponentially increasing numbers) is that for decades it’s been built backwards—and they’re all realizing it.

Having been a pastor in the local church for 18 years I’ve seen thousands of new church start-ups or “church plants” spring up along the way, and far too many of them are variations on the same faulty theme.

The template and sequence for birthing these Christian faith communities is shockingly similar:

1) Start with a Main Person ( sadly, usually a guy) who will drive the whole thing. That person’s charisma and speaking ability are nonnegotiables…

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  1. moonskittles permalink

    I have heard this analogy before. Rooted in heaven!

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