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On the Same Team

October 26, 2015

Wisdom from Ronnie…

Ronnie McBrayer

teamIf you havent noticed, this world is a fairly divided place – a statement that should win me a Captain Obvious award. North versus South. Republican versus Democrat. Black versus white; American versus Latino. Christian versus Muslim. Gun-toters versus peaceniks. Straights versus gays. Donald Trump versus the world.

Is there anything that can bring healing to our society, ripped apart by so many bitter rivalries? As a Christian, maybe I should answer that question by returning to one of the mantras of the late, great AndraeCrouch: Jesus is the Answer.And I dont mean that in a trite, bumpersticker sort of way that only leads to more division. I mean it in the cosmic, sweeping, unifying sense.

The Apostle Paul, and one could say that this was the major tenet of his teaching, made clear that Jesus came not to create a…

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