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The Confederacy: My Take

July 31, 2015

Profound and heartfelt wisdom from my brother, Ronnie McBrayer!

Ronnie McBrayer

EmptyFlagpoleI’ve taken my lumps lately on everything from Creflo Dollar to Jewish circumcision. Well, why not add the Confederate Flag to the list? 🙂

My local County Commission recently removed the Stars and Bars from the courthouse grounds; but they replaced it with the “official” flag of the Confederacy. Now, I am as far removed from a political activist as you will find – as I have little confidence in governmental parties or policies. Still, I wrote this response, originally to the commission, and for my local papers. It’s not for your enjoyment, per se, but hopefully it provides a thoughtful perspective, shining a little more light and producing less heat. – Ronnie

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Special to The Walton Sun, The Northwest Daily Florida News, and The DeFuniak Herald

I have been a syndicated newspaper columnist for a decade. But you can’t pay the bills…

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