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In A Storm With My Daughter, Dancing In The Crook of God’s Arm

May 28, 2015

Reminds me of our time in the North Georgia Mountains!

john pavlovitz


My 5-year old daughter is a force of nature.

She has this wild, frenetic energy that seems to propel her effortlessly through her young life. At times that unpredictable combustion can be a distinct challenge for a parent, but most times I find myself sitting back and just marveling at it all; the way her mind dances freely to music written just for her. 

Last night as a massive evening thunderstorm descended upon our front yard, I invited her out onto the porch to sit with me. Knowing her usual fear of such things, I was surprised when she accepted my invitation, and even more when she wanted to linger there. For the next ninety minutes we spent a holy moment together in a rocking chair beneath the weather.

People often ask me where I experience God, when I feel certain of something that I cannot see or prove. The older I get and the further…

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