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Well said, Ronnie, well said…  Unconditional Love, Not Unconditional Surrender

May 25, 2015

Ronnie McBrayer

arlingtonEven if one makes only a cursory reading of the Old Testament, that reading is sure to uncover the fact that ancient peoples were fond of building memorials. In the oldest of times, these places were called “gilgals.” A “gilgal” is a “circle” or a “wheel,” and these places were exactly that; circular campsites and memorials not unlike Stonehenge. A stone monument would be erected in the center of the circle and the community would gather at the outer edges for their rituals.

Like our ancient forefathers, we too are fond of building stone monuments, modern “gilgals” that honor the past, and the past we are most quick to memorialize is our history of war. An index of major US monuments reads like a catalogue of conquest. From our revolutionary beginnings to our current international military campaigns, we have filled up the ground with the infinitely precious bodies of our…

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