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God’s Amazing Creation

February 28, 2015

Today was a day combining teaching and working. It has been a pleasure to share time with the Men’s Group from Trinity Presbyterian Church of Pensacola, Florida at the Presbytery’s camp, Dogwood Acres. 

They asked me to lead their retreat and it has been a pleasure. Combining some of the course work I have taken via Columbia Seminary’s “Certificate in Christian Spiritual Formation” program and study of my own has been fun.

The theme is: Spiritual Formation–Moving Inward, Upward & Outward. We ended session two discussing Ora et Labora, the monastic practice of Pray and Work. And from there we went out to do some work for the camp. I was with the guys who were using the gas-powere log splitter to cut firewood. Each log was a unique creation and it was interesting to note how each log would cut differently.

The above piece of wood caught my eye. The intricate detail of the wood grain is beautiful! It made me think of the intricate nature and beauty of God’s creation! If we had been working just to get wood split and piled, we would have missed it. I think that is what the Monks have taught me about working and being aware of God’s presence. 

And after a good affernoon’s work, what a reward to be able to relax in front of the fire. It was good to be able to slow down as we worked so that each of us could be present and available to sense God’s Spirit in our midst.

Be still and know… It is good to do that even when working. Thank you, Lord for your presence and blessing!

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