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Reflections on a Chalice

August 7, 2014



This chalice is one of the hand-thrown chalices that were created for the 2010 General Assembly of the Presbyterian Church (USA) in Minneapolis, MN. Christine Sine started me reflecting on chalices and cups in her blog about glass blowing, empty chalices and how we see ourselves.

Having watched pottery being thrown and baked, and watching crystal being blown in Waterford, Ireland; this makes me think about who I am as a child of God. The significance of this particular cup is not just that it was used at a General Assembly which I attended as an Observer. In 2010 I was “re-called” to ministry.  I was going to leave the ministry after retiring from the Air Force in 2011. God had other things in mind obviously!

What is the purpose of this chalice? To hold the sacramental “wine” or the “blood of Christ shed for you”.  This isn’t the chalice I was fortunate to hold when I offered Communion at All Saints Church in Croughton Village, England. That Chalice was dedicated in 1667! Nor is it some of the ornate chalices I have seen around the world in various churches and cathedrals. No, this simple, yet beautiful piece of pottery isn’t ornate or “old”. It is a humble vessel which holds very special meaning to me.

Aren’t we called to be that special chalice in our own lives? It isn’t about the ornamentation at all. We are each a chalice crafted with love by the master potter.

Lord, help me to be a humble chalice in your service; and be content to be your beloved servant and child. Amen.


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  1. Sandra Kirby McLeod permalink

    Michael, This is a lovely reflection. I am so delighted that you are branching out with your
    thoughts and your ability to put them into prose. Thank you.

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