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Evening Prayer – 19 April 2019

The sun has set and the Vesper Lights flicker and glow

As the sun went down

I considered those who loved Jesus

Those who followed him

Those who saw his lifeless body taken down from the Cross

Those who placed his body in the tomb

We have to imagine

We must put ourselves in their shoes

As the last rays of daylight faded

All they could do was pray, weep, and wonder

Lord, help us not to take you for granted

Help us not to take your love for granted

Now, as my eyelids grow heavy

I lift this humble prayer to you

Dona Nobis Pacem

Grant Us Peace

A wee prayer from the heart of your Padre…

Good Friday Reflection — Part 2

Oh Mary

As you held his broken body

Your tears surely fell

Just as his feet had been washed

Washed by Mary Magdalene’s tears

His pierced and broken body

Washed by the tears of his Mother

You were there

When they crucified my Lord

You were there

When they nailed him to the tree

You were there

When they pierced him in the side

You were there

When they laid him in the tomb

Oh Mary

As your heart was breaking

You were there

You were there


The pictures are from a visit in 2017 to the outdoor Stations of the Cross at the Cathedral Basilica of Saint Francis of Assisi in Santa Fe, New Mexico.

Good Friday: the first 12 Stations of the Cross

A powerful reflection, Malcom ❤️❤️

Malcolm Guite

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In my Anthology of poems for Leant and Holy Week The Word in the Wilderness, I set just one of my Stations of the cross sonnets for Good Friday, Station XII, but as this blog is not so constricted for space I thought I would share with you the first 12 stations. We will read the 13th and 14th tomorrow on Holy Saturday and then on Easter Morning we will have the 15th’ resurrection’ station and also a new villanelle that I have written for easter Morning.

The Stations of the Cross, which form the core of my book Sounding the Seasons and are intended to be read on Good Friday. If you are in Cambridge today do come and join us for the three hours service at St. Bene’t’s, where we will be using some of  these sonnets. The service starts at 12.

Please feel free to make use…

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Good Friday – A Reflection

You were the first to welcome him into the world

You watched him take his first steps

You were amazed at his wisdom

You watched as he taught in the Temple

You watched him apprentice with Joseph

You were so proud of the man he was becoming

You were there as he began his ministry

You watched him heal the lepers

You watched him cure so many

Then you watched and worried

The entrance into Jerusalem

The hornet’s nest is stirred up

The plotting against him

Your heart is breaking

Your heart was pierced

Simeon’s prophecy fulfilled

Oh Mary, I cannot even imagine

Watching your beloved son tortured

Watching the agony of the Cross

His last gift to you

Woman, here is your son

John will love and walk with you

He takes his last breath

Your heart breaks

The Temple curtain is torn like your heart

Into the silence and darkness you go


The pictures are from the Chapel of Saint Catherine of Sienna at Saint Malo’s Retreat Center near Allenspark, Colorado

Every Body is Somebody – Jake Owensby

As she approached in the predawn gloom, Mary Magdalene realized that something or someone had rolled away the stone sealing Jesus’s tomb. Without investigating further, she hurried back to the disciples to report what she had seen….

Every Body is Somebody

Every Body is Somebody
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Evening Prayer – 18 April 2019

The sun has set and the Vesper Lights flicker and glow

On this day we remembered

Even as we wandered in the beauty of the Rockies

Even as I prepared for worship

Even as we spent time with dear friends

Even then we remembered

Remembered how you broke the bread

Remembered how you shared the cup

Remembered how you washed our feet

Remembered how deeply you prayed

Remembered how difficult it was for you

Yes, Lord, we remembered

Help us always to remember you

Help us to love and serve as you did

Help us to remember

Help us to do this in remembrance of you

Now as my eyelids grow heavy

I lift this humble prayer to you

Dona Nobis Pacem

Grant Us Peace

A wee prayer from the heart of your Padre…

Holy Week: Maundy Thursday

A beautiful reflection, Malcolm ❤️

Malcolm Guite

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There is so much happening here, so many threads of connection flowing to and from this deep source of love and gospel vision. my sonnet for this central and sacramental day can only suggest one or two of them.

This sonnet, and the others I have been posting for Holy Week are all drawn from my collection Sounding the Seasons, published by Canterbury Press here in England. The book is now back in stock on both Amazon UK and USA . The book is now also out on Kindle. Please feel free to make use of these sonnets in church services and to copy and share them. If you can mention the book from which they are taken that would be great.

Thanks to Lancia Smith for the image

You can hear the poem by clicking on the title or the ‘play’ button

Maundy Thursday.

Here is the…

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