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Poison – A Reflection

February 19, 2020

I am watching the debates tonight with my sweetheart. While lots of good points are being made, there is also a tremendous amount of shouting and shouting over each other. For someone (me) who embraces quiet and solitude more than I used to, it is difficult to watch. It is especially difficult to listen to. Perhaps it is the memory of my proper Canadian Mother who talked about “polite social conversation” and who would be appalled today by the yelling, shouting, and bashing that goes on.

Sadly, I believe that the environment in the debates is a microcosm of what I see too often on Social Media and in the 24/7 news cycle. Do you remember polite and civil conversations? These conversations are where people of differing opinions could dialogue, learn from each other, and <<gasp>> meet in the middle and cooperate!

This isn’t a political problem… this isn’t a church or theological problem… this is a human problem. Regular readers of my blog know that I have been focusing a lot on Jesus’s command to love all. I have also been focusing on Micah 6:8… Do Justice… Love Mercy/Kindness… Walk Humbly with God.

I have no pat answers to these issues… frankly I am not sure how to pull us back from the precipice. All I can do is pull myself back and pray that this example might make a difference.

In my reading today from Thomas Merton in Volume Seven of his Journals (The Other Side of the Mountain—1967-1968), I came across this quote on page 250 which hit hard and close to home!

The three poisons:

These poisons are alive and well in the church and in society. As I chat with you, dear reader, I am looking into the mirror at myself. How can we make a difference? We can do it one person and one relationship at a time. May the Spirit guide us as She challenges us to be transformed by Her.

From our mouths to God’s ear, May we pray…

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