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An Epiphany Reflection – 7 January 2020

January 7, 2020

As Sister Moon travels across the sky I wonder.

What do you see from your orbit high above us?

Do you see borders created by governments?

Do you see neighborhoods where only a few are allowed to move freely?

Surely you see the destruction of wildfires and earthquakes

Surely you see evidence of the changing climate

Surely you see War’s horrific destruction

Ah Sister Moon, do you see hope for this planet despite our actions?

Do you?


I came across the below poem while reading a small book of a Thomas Merton’s titled, Silence and Joy. It speaks to the season of Epiphany and to what I imagine Sister Moon sees from her vantage point as she makes her way across the sky.


Flicks feed by darkness with a noise of whispers,

In the dry grass of pastures,

And lull the solemn night with their weak bells.

The little towns upon the rocky hills

Look down as meek as children:

Because they have seen come this holy time.

God’s glory, now, is kindled gentler than low candlelight

Under the rafters of a barn:

Eternal Peace is sleeping in the hay,

And Wisdom’s born in secret in a straw-roofed stable.

And O! Make holy music in the stars, you happy angels.

You shepherds, gather on the hill.

Look up, you timid flocks, where the three kings

Are coming through the wintry trees;

While we unnumbered children of the wicked centuries

Come after with our penances and prayers,

And lay them down in the sweet-smelling hay

Beside the wise men’s golden jars.


Ah Sister Moon

Surely you must weep with our Creator

May you guide us as we carry our penances and prayers

May we somehow find forgiveness

May we somehow turn things around

May we do this and so much more

As we kneel before the Prince of Peace

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