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Serving a Living God

November 9, 2019

There is nothing quite like pulling into the Condo complex and having to wait for the local herd to make room for me. Only this time the way being blocked was to our front door! Living in the midst of such majestic creatures makes me thankful for the living reminders of our living God.

Today we laid to rest one of the pillars of our church. He was also a major part of our Valley’s conservation effort. At the Columbarium as we placed his ashes, I read the following from Job 19:25 — For I know that my Redeemer lives, and that at the last he will stand upon the earth…

The story of Job is a challenging one. Job has lost everything, including his family. When his friends come to “comfort” him (tongue firmly planted in cheek) they are about as useful as a bicycle is to a fish! The friends seem to be focused on what terrible “sin” Job had committed to allow such a horrible thing to happen. As if God wipes out your family for some sin!

Now Job had wrestled with what was going on and at one point (Job 3:1) he actually cursed the day he was born! So the friends and their advice or so-called support were pretty much worthless! Job had hit bottom. Yet as the dialogue and processing unfolded Job moved from the pit of despair to actually making an incredible confession of faith. I know that my Redeemer lives!

When we consider the discussion between the Sadducees and Jesus, something else comes to mind. The Sadducees ask Jesus about marriage in the afterlife (which by the way, they don’t believe in!). The Leverite marriage where the poor woman is married to her brother-in-law (like in Tamar’s story that was the subject of one of my sermons this past summer (Tamar’s Story).

As I have reflected this week on the two passages for tomorrow, I have realized something. How often do we put God in a small box of our own making? And how often does that small box look like a coffin?

Every time we try to shove God in a box or limit God’s possibilities and potential to change lives, we miss the point. God is a God of the living! God is not limited by our small theology or belief systems. God is the God of the living! And to quote Job, I know that my redeemer lives!

May we spend more time on how to share the love and light of Christ instead of limiting God to our limited imagination! Our God Lives! May we also live!

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